About us



We shape fashion accessories in a sartorial way.

Backstamped, printed or woven leather labels, printed tags, embroidered patches, metal and packaging: the garments of the most famous brands in the world would not be the same without these high quality accessories, which complete the garment, making it a work of art. And unique, like the wearer.

Redmark realizes the will and the ideas of the Customers who want to consolidate their brand with particular and exclusive details. And it does so thanks to a technical, artistic and creative know how that, over the years, has allowed it to bring the highest sartorial expression of Made in Italy all over the world.

The ability to customize the product has allowed Redmark to cross the Italian borders and open an office in Asia, Hong Kong, Istanbul and a showroom in the fashion district of New York.

The creations of Redmark are the spokesman of the company’s history and its values: the passion for constant research and meticulous attention to detail, the study of techniques and creativity always innovative, sensitivity to the environment and respect for those who live it and for their freedom.

How we work

We listen, research, design and realize.


We choose, every day, for the Good of all.


The accessory that completes the garment.


Creativity and research become product.


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