In Kindness We Trust: Recycling Project

In Kindness We Trust: Recycling Project

Redmark’s commitment to the conversion to sustainability is a project that has lasted for years, defined and called: “Recycling Project”.
It is from this term that the company’s mission started and slowly great results were obtained, thanks to the collaboration of all the staff, who worked pursuing a common objective: the possibi- lity to offer its customers eco-sustainable alternatives, to respect the environment and the high quality standards that Redmark has always set.


The beauty of this “green” world also consists of the continuous research that pushes our technical and creative departments to present every season with new materials and
processing techniques that not only respect our world, but also the guidelines that are
given to us by the agencie such as: FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council), GRS (Global Recycle Standard) and Carbon Footprint.



It is thanks to these agencies, that Redmark is able to guarantee the protection of the chain of custody of the materials and the processing techniques. For the company, it has indeed been a great step forward in the world of eco-sustainability. To be able to make known and guarantee these certifications that today are so important in ensuring the world greater longevity.


An important part of the “Recycling Project” is an ethos n that the company has made its own: “In kindness we trust” which sums up in its simplicity how kindness towards the environment and people is fundamental for coexistence in any context.
It is very important to pursue this great virtue in order to preserve a conducive environment and the most precious good: The Earth.



In particular, in recent years Redmark has begun to propose recycled polyester yarns and more generally materials that derive from textile production waste. Even the tags are studied from a “green” perspective through the use of recycled paper and/or from natural materials processed through systems with low environmental impact.


Also the leather is proposed in an eco optic thanks to regenerated leather, the material deriving from apple peel waste and the collaboration with Piñatex that has allowed the company to deve- lope articles based on the leather deriving from the waste
of the pineapple culture.


Redmark strongly believes in the “Recycling Project“. This means that the conversion to a more sustainable world allows everyone to live in total respect of the environment and of people, so that we can ensure a better future for all.


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